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Stop Communistic Medicine and Obamacare!

Posted in Uncategorized by KevinCK on July 30, 2009

Normally, I reserve this blog only for education-related discussion, but this issue is important enough to me that I wanted to post this (also seen at Liberty and Reason) here as well.————————————————

obamacareWell, it is official: the “blue dog” democrats have weakened their opposition to Obamacare, and have come to face the reality that not voting for the democratic party’s agenda could actually have repercussions. If we don’t wantch it, government is going to expand healthcare into its ever-expanding list of things they have a monopoly of authority on (as if managing auto companies wasn’t bad enough).

Recently, I got a petition signature request from Ron Paul’s organization Campaign for Liberty. I added my name to the petition (as did my wife) and wrote e-mails to all of my congresspeople. It is my hope, however small, that if enough of us get our voices heard on this, the congresspeople may hesitate that much more to pass such sweeping legislation.

So here is the link. It will only take a few minutes, and if you want to contact your representatives after signing the petition, the website will find their contact info off of your zip code. I urge everyone who is concerned to do this, as it only takes a few minutes, but the effect of not doing it – communistic medicine – will last a lifetime (if not longer).

[And jut for the record, Paul and the Campaign for Liberty is not againt reform as such, but would want to see reform that takes government out of the healthcare industry. Here is Paul’s own well articulated view in a five minute telivision interview.. ]

If you do plan on contacting your representatives, sample letters are provided. I wrote my own letter to the congresspeople. Anyone who wants to can use it (editing out pieces that don’t apply to their own situations):

Mr. Castle,

My wife and I have recently moved to Newark, DE. We understand that you are considering voting for the proposal to bring government into the medical business. I am writing to express my (and my wife’s) extreme disapproval for this measure.

Every policy analysit I’ve heard or read has suggested that this plan (like the similar Massachusetts debacle a few years back) will raise the price of healthcare for everyone and lower the quality. And common sense tells me the same: gauranteeing coverage for all means that insurance companies can no longer be in charge of risk assessment and that  this job will now be in the hands of government bureaucrats. I am at a loss to think of one single area where the government has performed well in, and I am certianly not willing to let them play around with the insurance business.

More importantly, I think that our government has gotten away from us. I know of no working person who was actually in favor of auto bailouts or bailouts of financial institutions but this did not at all seem to trouble lawmakers. They didn’t even consider that there could have been opposition. Instead, they blithely told us that they knew best and that we had to let them handle it. If you vote for the bill that would allow government more inroads into the healthcare industry, I will take that as a further admission that what the public wants is of no importance to you. (I know I’m not the only one who would take it this way.)

For whatever good it would do – for who is a representative to listen to a lowly constituent! – I urge you not to let government get bigger than it is by putting healthcare under its ever-expanding list of areas of control. I am scared of what will happen when health insurance businesses become run like DMV’s and public schools.

If we push hard enough, maybe we can get Obamacare to fall over like the big bureaucratic clunker it is.