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Brain-Based Learning – Response to Monique

Posted in Uncategorized by KevinCK on August 24, 2009

For those who’ve been on my blog, you probably know that I am critical of brain-based learning, which is all the rage in schools across the country. Recently, a poster named Monique has added a defense of brain-based learning in reply to one of my critical posts. Her comments were interesting enough, and my reply in detail, enough, that I thought it would be good to make a post out of it. (By way of background, Monique is a special educator who has recently achieved an M.S. in “cognitive science and brain-based teaching strategies.”)

I am not including Monique’s comments on my post, but they are heavily quoted in my reply to her bel0w.



Thanks for the comments. I don’t think, though, that I’m confusing neuroscience and cognitive science. In fact, I am saying very directly that cognitive science is what teachers want to focus on, and neuroscience is useless to understanding how to teach kids. Knowing how a kids brain works, how synapses are formed, etc, does nothng to show how to teach kids because it does not deal with what teachers teach: minds.

You say that:

“Furthermore, if there is a flaw in the brain’s design or functioning, then we must understand what is going on in order to address the issues this malfunction is causing in the classroom” (more…)