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I’m Back!

Posted in Uncategorized by KevinCK on July 28, 2015

Hey all,

If you’ve follows this blog, I am very sorry for the EXTREMELY extended absence. Frankly, as soon as I started work on my dissertation a few years ago, I found I didn’t have time to post and forgot all about the blog. 😦

I actually rediscovered my own blog (a strange thing to say!) sort of by accident. I was looking for anything written on Richard Taylor’s essay “In Praise of Wisdom” on google and came up with, well, the last post I’d written, from 2013. Coincidentally, I was thinking about re-entering the blogosphere, as I find it a fun way to get down and share my thoughts without investing in a more extended journal article.

Anyway, I’m back. And a lot has changed. I have my PhD and am now a Teaching Assistant Professor at East Carolina University, in their College of Education. There, I teach courses on learning and motivation theory (Learning, Motivation, and Assessment), diversity issues in the classroom (Intro to Diversity) and philosophy/history/sociology of education (Foundations of Education).

I’m excited about starting the blog again, and I hope you are at least wiling to read some new posts. Some of my views have changed, some have strengthened, and I have acquired some new interests, like “extended” theories of mind (which I’ll probably be writing a bit about in short order).

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program!