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Posted in Uncategorized by KevinCK on June 3, 2009

In 9 days, I will no longer be a public school teacher. Teaching at x High School has made me realize that I want to try and reform, not perpetuate, our system of public education. And, to  be honest, teaching in a public school has taught me another thing: that I am more passionate about research and ideas than I thought. Hence, I will be starting PhD study in Education at the University of Delaware this fall.

My previous blog, special ed philosopher, focused on my job as a special education teacher. There, I hoped to give readers some insight on what it is like to be a teacher (while also bloviating on politics, philosophy, etc.) But as I am packing up at x High School, I figure I should begin  anew and my hope is that this blog will follow me through my trajectory as a PhD student in education.

By way of background, I hold two masters degrees currently: one in Political Science (University of Richmond) and one recently earned in Special Education (McDaniel College). I have worked as an educator for three years (one as an instructional assistant at an upper middle class “white” high school, and two as a special educator at a middle class “black” high school). While I enjoy educating, I feel most comfortable in the world of ideas. Politically, I am a libertarian. Theologically, I am a nonbeliever. (I also contribute to a very interesting blog called Liberty and Skepticism.) I am recently married to a proofreader of academic books. In a move that many relatives and friends still do not understand, we both decided to hyphenate our last names (I am “Currie” while she is “Knight.”)

Anyhow, I hope that this blog provides some entertainment to others, and also helps me work out my ideas for all the world (at least those interested) to see. Not only will I have much to say on the sorry state of American education, but also the sorry state of American politics, and that sorry discipline I love so much called philosophy. Basically, I should have something for everyone…except, those who don’t like to think about things. They can go somewhere else and will be lamented.


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